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Affordable Catalog Design Services

A catalog is the face of a company it is an identity of a product, and hence the importance of catalog design. A good catalog is essential for a good marketing and business strategy. So a good catalog design is essential to make your brand a huge hit among the common people.

Process of catalog design

So now let’s take a look on how a catalog can be designed. Catalogue designs can be made from either predefined templates or it can be built from the scratch. A catalog design should meet the clients need. A catalog should be informative and should contain pictures of the products which the company is trying to endorse or sell. This is why a good catalogue design is a must and should be carried out by a professional.

Now you may ask how much it will take to build the catalog. Normally it depends on the needs of the client. The more number of pages the catalog has the catalog design will take more time to get completed. Not only the design part the product catalog also needs to be printed and that also takes around a week time. So approximately the total time needed to make the catalog ready is around 2-4 weeks.

Cost of Catalog design

Now comes the most obvious question, how much a product catalog cost? People search for greater revenues from the catalog so they want their catalogs to bee attractive and appealing. The cost depends on the catalog design. The more intricate the design becomes the cost goes up. The more pictures and decorations also increase the catalog price. There are mainly three different types of catalogs. One is slim, another is trim and the last one is digest. Catalog pricing depends on the type of catalogs. Any extra services also cost additional money, otherwise the price for catalogue design is feasible. A product catalog is priced per page.

What you should look for in catalog design

Appealing Design – the people who are buying the product always look how trendy and appealing the product design is. So it is essential to make the design more appealing so that more people wish to buy the product and show the world what the got hold of. An appealing product catalog should be filled with pictures of the product as well at some details about it. The product should match the lifestyle of the customers so that they can buy them and use them. Giving a theme to a catalog design works wonders in promoting the product. 

People oriented – the design should be make keeping the customers or the common people in mind because they are the ones who will buy the products. So the product catalog should be aimed at them. It should contain all the details a person would need to buy the product.

Highlight the product – the product is the thing which you are going to sell so you should always make the product at the center of attraction or attention. Highlight the product with bigger images and descriptions. Use modern designs and make the catalog design look cool and trendy. The photographs are a key here because they show how the product is.

Product pictures – as the main attraction is the product the photograph of the product is very important. You have to choose the best pictures for it. Shoot yourself or take a help of a professional but getting the best picture of the product is very important.

Use consistent fonts and patterns – it’s a good practice to use consistent fonts and patterns as because they help a company to create their brand image. A consistent styled catalog design is easy to read and more accepted among the audience.

Economical design – you should always look to get the most out of your product so you really need the best design without shading a huge amount of money. This can be done if you plan your catalog well. If you use the standard formats then it will be more economical as they cost less. Being more innovative and experimenting will cost you more money.

  At the end it’s always advisable to analyze the results that your catalog design has got.